How to Earn Money from Email Marketing

What is the main source or tool that all growing businesses use to boost their sales and expand their way to a roaring success? Email Marketing!

Yes, and the great news is you don’t require a lot to make it work for you. Email marketing is everyone’s cup of tea as long as you are persistent and steady in your efforts.

This article is all about email marketing and why it is so compelling to build and grow your business. It also talks about how to earn extensive amounts of money from email marketing while you sleep. Not only that, but you will also find out how you can create your email list from zero to thousands and continue to grow that.

Before we start, know that email marketing can help you improve any business online so you can attain that goal of ultimate freedom. You can generate 300 to 600 leads per day just by following some simple steps.

In this article, post, we will explain the “email marketing beginner guide” and why and how you should be utilizing email marketing services to your benefit, and also what are the top-notch tools to get you where you want.



Email Marketing Vs. Social Media

Plenty of people think social media has taken over and can do what emails once could. Well, social media is playing a significant role in marketing today but email is ‘still’ NOT DEAD. Here is a powerful reason why:

 In email marketing, you own your email list.

When you have a list of users you own all the details on that list. In addition to this, if you have YouTube subscribers or followers on a Facebook page or your Instagram, you don’t own any of your subscribers, fans, or followers. When you start with email marketing you need a service provider. They all have the basic functionality of sending out emails to many people at the same instance and are good to go. You can generate leads, connect, and set up auto-responders and send out an email to your entire list.

It doesn’t matter where you have your email list. As long as you have a list you can import it or export it to any software via a .csv file. That’s how you own the list. It’s yours.


How to Start Building an Email List?

There are 4 major and very basic steps required when starting with an email list.

Step 1: Emailing Service Provider

For beginners, you need to go to an email software provider. Pick any reasonable service provider that fits your needs. There are many email service providers out there:

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • And many more.

Step 2: List-building & Generating Leads

Start building your first list. This list is going to be your main email list when people subscribe to your channel, blogs, or website. There are alternatives available to create multiple different lists or segment them according to your demands but that is not the scope of this article. At this point, all you need to do is set up a list. Through this list, you can easily generate your leads. 

Step 3: Set up an Auto-responder

Some people worry auto-responder to be any different than your email service provider. That is not the situation. An autoresponder is a functionality of email marketing. It enables you to set up automated emails to go out to your subscribers.

You can set up email sequences and on day one when they subscribe to your list through your lead magnet you deliver the lead magnet instantly to their email. This is very convincing and it can make you a lot of money.

Step 4: Broadcast Emails

Broadcast emails let you send one email to your entire list. Influencers and businesses have large lists of subscribers in their email list. This feature enables them to send out mass emails hassle-free.

Email marketing is not dead. Many people like to quote that but to this day email marketing is one of the main power tools to get your word out there to millions of people. If you are not utilizing email marketing you are losing money in your business. Do not forget to verify your emails before starting an email campaign.


How to use Email Marketing to Grow Your Business?

To generate money via email marketing you need tactics. You start by building a Lead Magnet for your product.

1. Create a Lead magnet

This is a 100% free product that you give to anyone who has willingly given their email to you. For this, you need to build something of value to people. Note that when you have a targeted audience in a particular niche you need to create a freebie in that niche. It’s simple to give value to a lot of people this way.

2. What Can You Create 100% Free and Give Away?

You can give them a free e-course or a free eBook. Remember that this content you give out requires to be of good value to your target audience. There are various ways you can create important content without spending a lot of money.

3. A Few Good Resources:

  • If you need to create a course you can use Teachable. is free.
  • You can generate eBooks for free using It has plenty of free templates for you to work on.

4. Where is Your Lead Magnet Positioned?

Your lead magnet requires to be on your lead capture page. It requests your audiences’ email and first name and you forward them the product to their email ids. This page can have a headline, followed by a story or a video. Don’t get too crazy with it. Not everything you put up on the page will work.

To test what works you can split test. In this test, you create two separate lead pages for the same thing and send traffic to both. You then identify which page is working better for your product. The winner is, of course, the page that is giving you the most number of leads.

5. How to Create Capture Pages?

Not everything in this process is free of cost. You will require to pour some money into these tools to generate results for you. One of the most used leads capture page-building services out there is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels has a free trial option and you can see how it works for you by opting in for that. Once people are on your lead capture page and they opt for your freebie you send them the gift via email. 


The Power of Email Marketing – Why Build Email Lists?

Let’s consider this.

  • You have created an email list of 20,000 people.
  • Only 500 of them open your broadcast email.
  • Out of those 500, only 10 people purchased the offer.
  • Now the product you were attempting to target your audience paid you $100 in commissions or sales.
  • This makes you $1,000 right in your pocket.

 For what? Only sending one email. Makes sense?

Read again. If you have a well-targeted and niched email list of people to who you send a valuable offer. And you have established trust with them over time through your content (emails). Some percentage of those people will buy from you. And this can be extremely rewarding for you. That is the power of email marketing.


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