A large number of bounces can damage the deliverability of your emails. It’s usually a great method to run any kind of email verification tool on your list to help out bad email addresses. While driving your list through an email verification tool does significantly decrease the complete number of bounces it doesn’t promise you’ll see 0 bounces. 
How Clearalist email list scrubbing tool works,
After uploading a list of recipients, Clearalist will ask you if you’d like to clean your list. It will reveal to you how many list-cleaning credits your team has and prompt you for payment if you want more to clean this list.
The cleaning process can take up to a few minutes to run, so Clearalist will run it in the background while you continue establishing up your campaign.
Once list-cleaning is completed, the results will pop up for you to review. You can download the results to a CSV file for further review and you can eliminate risky and/or bad email addresses from your campaign. Any risky email address is one that has a higher-than-normal risk of bouncing, but it’s hard to say for sure if there’s a problem. Any bad email address is nearly certain to bounce.