The importance of email list hygiene

Surprisingly, hygiene is a concept that is not only applicable in humans but also even when it comes to emails. For businesses, in the past years, email marketing has been a huge part of the efforts to promote their products and services. It has dramatically helped in the distribution of information, but there are constant improvements done to make it more influential in organizational success.

However, when it comes to email marketing, quality is often more important than quantity. Through the use of tools for email validation, it is paramount to get rid of duplicate and unresponsive addresses, making sure communication is targeted only to the planned audience.

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Why should you bother?

It is common to think that having a long list of emails is all that matters, as it would mean more people would be reached. For an expert in email marketing, on the other hand, cleansing the list is emphasized because it makes sure your efforts will not go to waste, as the email will be received by the right person.

Commonly speaking, deliverability is the most significant benefit of email hygiene. The cleaner your list is, the better is the anticipated performance of your email marketing strategy. By getting rid of the dirty emails, you are not wasting time and effort on what you are doing. If your email list is dirty, there is a huge possibility of wreaking havoc basically because of the invalid email addresses you have.

Clearly, email validation, which forms a significant part of email list hygiene, is going to be helpful in terms of minimizing bounce rate and reduction of the likelihood of being marked as spam. If there is a high bounce back on emails, which means you are receiving them back because the addresses entered are invalid, there will be a higher likelihood of being blacklisted, and hence, rendering your campaign useless and inefficient.

It is also possible to enjoy a higher conversion rate when email list hygiene is practiced. If your list of recipients only contains valid addresses, you will be more committed to what you do, knowing it will be viewed by actual people. You can write emails with passion, as you know it can be actually read by people.

In spite of the many benefits of email list cleaning, it is important to keep in mind that the process is not as straightforward as it seems. There is a need to undergo a series of steps to complete the cleanup, and once this is done, bouncing emails will be minimized while optimizing the success of your email marketing campaigns.


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