How to clear a list in C++?

How to clear a list in C++?


Lists are containers employed in C++ to store data in a non-contiguous fashion, Usually, Arrays and Vectors are contiguous in nature, hence the insertion and deletion operations are costlier as compared to the insertion and deletion selection in Lists.


clear() function is used to eliminate all the elements of the list container, thus making it size 0.


Syntax :


Parameters :

No parameters are passed.

Result :

All the elements of the list are removed


Examples –

Input: list{2, 4, 6, 8, 10};


Output : list{}

Input : list{};


Output : list{}

Errors and Exceptions

1. This has a no exception throw guarantee.

2. Displays error when a parameter is passed.


// CPP program to explanation (Clear a list in C++)

// execution of clear() function 


#include <iostream> 

#include <list> 

using namespace std; 


int main() 

    list<int> mylist{ 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 }; 



    // List becomes empty 


    // Printing the list 

    for (auto it = mylist.begin(); it != mylist.end(); ++it) 

        cout << ‘ ‘ << *it; 

    return 0; 




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