MillionVerifier Email Verification Service Review

MillionVerifier is established and operated by email deliverability expert Tamas Szabo. This email verification service allows the most compelling email verification service. It develops with its outstanding accuracy and super low prices.

Thanks to Tamás Szabó’s email deliverability expert, who began MillionVerifier and created its back-end application, It has an exceptional 99% email verification accuracy.

It ensures that you will successfully deliver at least 99% of your emails. Having less than a 1% bounce rate will protect your email reputation, enhance your inbox and open rates, and ultimately will increase your profit.


Features – 

  • Accuracy: 99% Accuracy
  • Turnaround time: Process 100,000 email addresses in under one hour.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Yes, the only email verifier giving a 100% money-back guarantee on its results.
  • Free Trial: Yes; MillionVerifier allows a free trial with 200 email credits.
  • Email duplication removal: Yes
  • Accept-all account detection: Yes
  • Disposable email address detection: Yes
  • Data Processing Agreement: MillionVerifier is fully GDPR compliant and you will be able to sign a Data Processing Agreement

Moreover, it removes inactive email accounts also detects Bad domains, Role Based accounts, Duplicates, Disposable email addresses (DEA).

When reaching MillionVerifier support you can always expect a professional response from their experts.


For Pricing & Plans, Please Visit – MillionVerifier Email Verification Service Website –


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