Proofy Email Verification Service Review

Proofy is a comprehensive tool to verify emails, user can check single emails and bulk files. The pricing plan is very flexible, we are certain that every user can select a price point that he is happy with. The design is very modern and intuitive, rarely users will require to seek help, but if they do there is a live chat and extensive documentation that can answer all questions. Superior users will be happy to see that there is API support, also the speed of verification allows Proofy to rival anyone from this list.



Proofy Features:

  • Verification accuracy: 98.5%
  • Bulk email verification: yes
  • Real-time API: yes
  • List formats to upload: CSV, txt
  • List formats to download: CSV
  • Free trial: yes
  • Syntax check: yes
  • Mailbox check: yes
  • Domain validation: yes
  • DEA detection: yes
  • Greylisting: yes
  • Duplication removal: yes
  • Spam-trap detection: yes
  • Customer support: 24/7 via social media accounts. 

For Pricing & Plans, Please Visit – Proofy Email Verification Service Website –


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