20 Best Tools For Testing Emails In 2021

If you’re sending emails, you must test them with email testing tools. No doubt you set a lot of time into writing copy and tweaking your email template. But sending emails without proper testing can let you open to errors, like emails not displaying properly in some email clients, emails landing in spam boxes, emails getting bounced, and cramped formatting in your email design.


When you ignore to test your email and validate your email and you experience a failure, it can be very upsetting…

At Clearalist, we want to help you to clean your email so you can feel confident that you’re sending out the best versions of your newsletters and it’s reaching the clients.

There are plenty of valuable tools that can help you with testing your reputation, deliverability, rendering of you, and also the quality of your subject lines and email content. We use a lot of email testing tools at Clearalist to verify email. To help guarantee the success of your campaigns, we put together this list of the best email testing tools available.

Tools you’ll see in this list will benefit you:

  • Check your sender reputation
  • Increase your deliverability
  • Test your email subject lines
  • Test HTML validation
  • Preview your email design and layout


List Cleaning

1. Clearalist – Email List Cleaning Service

So, let’s get this one out of the way right off the bat. Clearalist is one of the most significant names in email verification, and this tool is used by most enterprise-level operations. Usually speaking, Clearalist can help you clean your email list in a matter of minutes.

It also comes up with many features such as greylisting email verification, parallel email verification service, SMTP validation checks, MX records check, duplicate email removing, syntax error analysis, and many more. Moreover, Clearalist provides you to test 100 Emails For FREE.


HTML Validation & Email Previewing Tools

The first thing you’ll likely need to make with your email is to make sure that everything is loading correctly for every email client in a variety of different settings. For instance, you need to make sure that your images are loading correctly whether the reader is using Outlook on an iPhone or Gmail on a desktop. Here are some excellent tools we suggest checking out.

2. Mailtrap

MailTrap allows a broad category of email tests you can work on your email, including preview testing. With MailTrap, you can review your HTML to ensure that it works perfectly with different email clients. The excellent thing about MailTrap is that all of its testings are conducted on a fake server, indicating there’s never any chance that you’ll unintentionally send out your test emails to your subscribers.

The whole idea behind MailTrap is that you test in a totally safe staging environment, so all of its services are equipped with that idea.

3. Email on Acid

Email on Acid has earned an impartially robust reputation in email testing communities as it has increased its scope and capabilities. Currently, Email on Acid offers preview testing on various clients on devices. The more configurations you’re prepared to test your email on, the less likely it is your email will seem broken to any given user.

Email on Acid also emphasizes collaboration, so if you’re working on your newsletter as part of a team, this might be a great option for your small business or group.

4. Preview My Email

Like the other tools on this list so far, Preview My Email is intended to help you double-check your code on different email clients and platforms. The thing that presents Preview My Email stands out is that it gives you many ways to test your emails. Currently, Preview my Email enables users to either upload files directly, copy and paste their email content, or send your email to a specific Preview My Email inbox.

For an added cost, you can integrate the Preview My Email API into your workflow.

5. Inbox Inspector

Inbox Inspector lets you preview your emails in higher than 25 of the most popular email clients, including modern desktop clients, webmail, and mobile email apps mall in one place. You can work on this tool for free for 30 days.

6. HTML Email Check

HTML Email Check is a free tool for authenticating the markup (HTML, XHTML, CSS) of your emails and newsletters. This handy tool also examines images, validates links, and checks for accessibility.


Sender Reputation Testing Tools

Sender and spam scores are essential to test before you send out your emails. These tools will test for red flags that, when combined up, might make your email further likely to end up in a subscriber’s spam folder. The best tools check not only the email you’re sending but the reputation of where it’s being sent from.

7. Mail-Tester

This easy-to-use tool built by MailPoet is great for reviewing your email for spam-related red flags. MailTester will check your email for SPF and DKIM records (basic anti-spam & anti-fraud protocols), any keywords that might show spam to algorithms, and several other metrics. 

MailTester will also take a peek to see whether or not you are blacklisted by major email clients. For that you just need to do is send an email to the tester link.

8. SenderScore

SenderScore focuses mainly on checking your reputation as the sender. You just have to do is type in your domain or your IP address and you’ll receive a report on just how trustworthy you are as a sender of emails.

Observing the full report and analytics does require registration, but this tool is absolutely worth it to see if your email sending domain is seen as reliable.

9. Postmark

If you don’t want to send your email to a tester link, you can constantly use the tool called Postmark. With this tool, you easily copy and paste your email code into the tool’s easy-to-use interface. This copies and paste feature cause it easy to check different variations of your email for spam scores. Postmark is an honest tool for getting that score and adjusting your email.

10. Reputation Authority

If you want to know the number of “good” emails you’ve sent versus how many “bad” emails you’ve sent, clearly check out Reputation Authority. This tool takes a good look at your domain and processes the type of reputation you’ve collected over the years.

The report that you get is helpful because it can contain historical data as well, so you’ll know whether your domain has always been reliable or whether you have a more fresh problem.

11. SendForensics

SendForensics is an email deliverability suite that completely assesses the deliverability of your emails by checking your sender score, the content of your email, loss to spam filters, and different criteria. This tool provides real-time scoring for live campaigns and matches your deliverability performance with industry benchmarks. You can further set deliverability alerts to monitor your email performance and safeguard your reputation.


Subscriber Verification Tools

When you send an email to an invalid address, you can experience some really bad consequences. Those “bounces” (a fancy word for emails that get sent back to you unopened, a kind of digital return-to-sender) can hurt your reputation and make your bulk emails look more like spam.

Email verification tools are practiced primarily to ensure that doesn’t happen, so you know whether an email address on your list is valid before you send out your newsletter. To guarantee the safety of your subscribers’ data, we suggest using a paid service to verify your email list.

12. BriteVerify

BriteVerify’s email list verification can scrub your list of duplicates, mistyped domain names, and more. I should state here that BriteVerify is our favorite email verification tool of choice to do this.

Be advised though, list cleaning services will not eliminate any recent invalid addresses. For good list hygiene, always ensure that any hard bounce emails are separated from your lists!

To use BriteVerify, all you require to do is drag and drop your email list into the app or import it straight from your ESP. BriteVerify will then scan and clean your list, and give your total records and cost. When email verification is completed, you can download your clean list, or exclude invalid and risky emails from your list.

13. DataValidation

DataValidation ensures that 99% of your emails will be delivered after using their email list cleaning service. To employ this service, you need to upload or import your email list and then DataValidation starts analyzing your list. When it’s finished, you’ll get a quality report that offers an analysis of your list’s grades to help you determine when to verify your list.

This tool also gives a comprehensive API for bulk and real-time email verification.

13. Email Checker

Email Checker is comparatively simple and straightforward: you just copy and paste an email address into the right field and let the tool analysis to see if that email is valid or not. This option works best if you only have some emails to check. Premium versions of the Email Checker, however, enable you to upload a list of emails that need to be verified. So, if your subscriber lists are important, that might be the way to go. Like Email List Verify, an Email Checker goes on a bulk scale for fees.

14. NeverBounce

NeverBounce will examine and verify any size email list, providing you with validation results so you can observe for yourself how clean your list is. This tool also allows advanced email list cleaning and scrubbing services.

15. QuickEmailVerification

QuickEmailVerification allows you to upload your email list for bulk email verification. Once your email list has been tested, you can either download the list verification report and discard invalid and risky emails from your list.


Subject Line Testing Tools

16. SubjectLine

The SubjectLine tool is an excellent way to make a check of your subject line both for spam markers and for ideas to increase your open rate. SubjectLine makes these judgments by looking at data collected from its many partners, so the advantage here is that you’re getting real-time, useful data on which to make some of your subject line-based decisions.

Sometimes the data you collect can be a little shallow, but it’s still a nice tool for deciding subject lines in a general sense.

17. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Generally examined to be the single best headline testing tool out there, Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule is a famous and handy resource to have in your back pocket. To be assured, a blog headline (of the sort Headline Analyzer was originally developed to test) and a subject line are a bit distinctive, but they both consolidate many of the same features. That’s why Headline Analyzer is a great way to test your subject lines for grammar, structure, and length, among other things.

18. Email Subject Line Grader

Email Subject Line Grader is another great alternative that was developed specifically to look at email subject lines. Built by Net Atlantic, all you require to do is copy and paste your subject line into the action box and, poof, you get a fair bit of valuable feedback. Email Subject Line Grader takes a look at length (which is necessary, especially on mobile devices) and grammar.

This tool also takes a peek at the elements of your email subject line, so if you want a little more or less emotion, you can make proper changes.

19. Zurb TestSubject

Over half of all your email subscribers are apparently going to first see your emails on a mobile device. You’ve gone to all the stress to design your email to be mobile compatible, did you recognize to check the subject line, too? That’s what TestSubject is for. This tool will tell you how your email sender and subject information might look on a mobile device. Because how that data looks will change from device to device and email client to client. 

20. Send Check It

Send Check It is a single yet fairly comprehensive subject line testing tool that sees for scannability, reading grade level, and character and word count. It also evaluates the sentiment of your subject line, looks for spammy words, and checks punctuation.

This is a valuable tool if you’re not sure why your subject lines aren’t doing so well and need some perspicacity into where you might be going wrong.


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