Bulk Email Verification & List Cleaning Service

A reliable, accurate and affordable solution to ensure your emails get delivered to the right inbox.

Get Lifetime Access To Email List Validation. 

Free Bounce Analysis

Upload your email list and get free bounce analysis for a quick look at the health of your email list. 

98%+ Accuracy

Remove harmful and Unwanted emails for a clutter-free list with our email verification service offering 98%+ accuracy guaranty.

What Makes Us Best

We guarantee better email verification results than anyone else.

Accurate Result

The more you know, the better you are. We give 98%+ clear-cut results to keep your sender reputation.

Catch-All Verification

Find the catch-all type addresses to avoid emailing thereby improving the overall deliverability hygiene.

Minimize Bouncing

Clearalist secures your IP reputation and increases deliverability by removing email bounces.

Remove Invalid Emails

Never worry about invalid email addresses again. Save on email marketing.

Free Email Deduplication

All the duplicate Email addresses are removed automatically.

Syntax Validation Check

Clean your email list by adjusting invalid syntax to the standard format.

Remove Disposable Emails

Prevent you from malicious users who create a temporary email account and engage in unwanted behavior.

Identify Inbox Full Recipients

We detect and remove email addresses whose mailbox is full, and thus cannot accept new messages.

MX Record Verification

Validates priority based MX records for available Mail Exchange servers to know the mailbox status

Domain Verification

Checks for the successful network connection to the mail server domain

SMTP Validation

Validate SMTP providers for each email address to check the active mail servers.

Boost Deliverability

No stress of email account suspension. You can only earn from delivered emails.

Why Clearalist?

You’ll never know unless you give a shot!

98%+ Validation Accuracy

Whether you validate your list in bulk or check emails in real time via the app, you get 98% accurate results - guaranteed.

Secure Email Validation

Clearalist uses SSL security & data encryption to protect your email list files during the email verification process.

24/7 Customer Support

Reach out anytime via chat, email. Our support team and engineers are here to guide you and help.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to upload your email list in CSV format. Make sure that all of the email addresses are in the same column. (Learn how to convert excel to CSV).

just upload your email list and free analysis of your email list will begin. Once your list has been processed, you can click on the "Clean List" button to begin the cleaning process.

When you upload an email list, it is automatically analyzed by us. This helps you check the health of your email list. This process is completely free and it does not cost any credits.

It depends on the size of your email list. However, for large email lists, you can expect the results in a few hours.

Thousands of Happy Clients and Still Counting

I regularly send email campaigns and recently used Clearalist to clean a list of 1 million emails and achieved less than a 1% bounce rate. I am likely to use Clearalist again. They are the best in the industry for email verification.

Matt Kole



The best verification and cleaning starts with Clearalist

You want solid results from your email campaigns. We help you achieve them.