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Clearalist, an easy-to-use email validation tool with

35% lower rates >> 10 times faster turnaround time >> highest level of accuracy

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Looking for an EmailChecker Alternative?

Let us help you in deciding on one of the EmailChecker competitors.

Here is a fair comparison of EmailChecker with the finest email verifier – Clearalist


Clearalist Highlights

Clearalist performs 21+ validation checks at 10 times faster turnaround time to provide 98%+ accuracy. Either drop your email list directly into the Clearalist dashboard or import it from the ESP/CRM and sort out the Valid, the Invalid, and the Catch-All email addresses. You can also verify email addresses within your application using our real-time API. Clearalist also validates Outlook, Protonmail, Yandex, Mail email accounts with 98%+ accuracy.

  • Bulk, Quick, and real-time email verification facility
  • High Precision Advanced Catch-all resolvers
  • Guaranteed Deliverability Segmentation
  • 100% GDPR and Highest level security


Enhanced Email Validation Checks

Our email validation and verification tool offer 21+ refined validation checks including Catch-All Account Detection, Syntax Verification, Disposable Email Verification, Role-based Account Verification, Domain Verification, MX Validation, Greylisting Verification, Honeypots/Spam Trap, Remove Duplicate Emails, API Verification Support, Free Account Verification.


Reduce your cost by more than 20%

With Clearalist, verify 10,000 emails for just $40 while at EmailChecker you need to pay $69 for the same. Clearalist offers multiple plans from which the customer can choose as per their requirement like – Pay-as-you-go, customized plans. On the other hand, EmailChecker’s expensive costs are limited to the pay-as-you-go model only. Further comparison below


Clearalist – Pricing

$22.5 for 5000 Emails

$250 for 100K Emails

$1,000 for 1M Emails

The minimum verification purchase is $12.5 for 2500 credits. The credit never expires.


EmailChecker – Pricing

$49 for 5000 Emails

$299 for 100K Emails

$1249 for 1M Emails

The minimum verification purchase is $29 for 2500 credits. The credit never expires.

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File Formats

To avoid copy-paste among various file formats, Clearalist allows file upload and verification in the major format generally used for data saving.

List File Upload CSV

Result File Download CSV CSV


Advanced Features

With 98%+ accuracy, we also give you the option to ensure the hygiene of your email list with advanced features, so you never have to think twice before verifying your email list.


The choice is clear when you review the services between Clearalist and EmailChecker

We have compiled the most comprehensive comparison between Clearalist and EmailChecker service providers. Clearalist outperforms all-in price, features, and speed. The top-performing service at Clearalist speaks for itself.


Ready to Try Clearalist?

As an EmailChecker alternative, we provide at-par results! Our customer support team is just a click away. If you pick us as an EmailChecker alternative, we’ll make sure you are successful!

Clearalist – Free Trial

  • 100 free credits on successful signup
  • Credit card not required
  • Verification Accuracy – 98%+

EmailChecker – Free Trial

  • Free signup 
  • Credit card not required
  • Verification Accuracy – 98%+

Trying new things is not fun for all, but it’s usually worth it. It will take less than a minute to create a free Clearalist account.

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