What is a valid email address?

As an email marketer you receive email addresses regularly, but what is a valid email address? I’m not just talking about doing a syntax analysis to make sure the email address is formatted correctly, but a way to identify that the email account is genuine.

A valid email address is a deliverable email account. One that really exists and does not hard bounce. So again, what is a valid email address? It’s an email address where the user name is a real mailbox at the domain. If you are not sure if the email accounts you are getting are legit, we got you covered.

The e-mail verification system helps you by ensuring e-mails addresses registered to your site are valid. Clearalist email list cleaning software can check the domain and also the inbox to make sure both exist. This way you don’t have to second-guess the quality of the data you get.


Not all valid email accounts are quality. Some email addresses could be detrimental to your deliverability. Clearalist has a few suppression lists that can help safeguard you from high-risk email addresses. In most cases, they are temporary accounts, high-risk accounts, or email accounts that belong to known complainers.

High-risk email addresses are ones that could get you blacklisted, or lead you to legal disputes. So any email addresses that we flag as high risk or invalid we highly recommend that you do not email them.


We also have a suppression list for temporary email addresses or disposable emails. Temporary email addresses are not good because typically they are used to commit fraud. Temporary accounts normally only last for 24-48 hours, which means if you allow them into your system they will hard bounce soon after.

Complainers are users who have a high chance of marking your email messages as spam. Each spam complaint you get hurts your deliverability because it harms your reputation. If an ISP sees that many of their users mark your emails as spam that could cause you to become spam blocked across the whole domain.


At Clearalist we automatically remove these types of email addresses to better protect your deliverability. So what is a valid email address? A valid email address is the one that is going to maximize your deliverability. A valid email address is one that will deliver success and not cause troubles down the line. A valid email address is the only type of email address you want to add to your marketing funnel.

In addition to this, we are offering free list assessments. We can analyze the complete email list from your database and tell you what your data quality looks like. We will give you back an entire report of which email addresses on your list were good and which ones were bad and why we marked them as bad. Fill in your details below and we will catch up with you to request your test data for email verification.


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