How to Open a CSV in Excel?

When the Excel settings not properly execute a CSV (this may happen if you have been dealing with different delimiters such as tabs or semi-colons). If you are encountering issues opening any CSVs downloaded from Clearalist, you must try these steps to open a CSV in Excel properly.


1. Choose the column that is improperly formatted and then go to “Data” -> “Text To Columns” in the Excel file

Opening a CSV in Excel


2. To open a CSV in Excel, you need to run through all 3 Steps in the Convert Text To Columns Wizard

Step 1 –

Choose “delimited”

Opening a CSV in Excel Step 1-Clearalist

Step 2 –

Next “Comma”

Opening a CSV in Excel Step 2-Clearalist

Step 3 –

Click “Finish”

Opening a CSV in Excel Step 3-Clearalist


Probably, that will solve any issues regarding the separation of fields in Excel. If this does not resolve your issue please feel free to contact us.


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