Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which format I require to upload the email list?

You will need to upload the email list in a CSV. We will catch everything from there and give you the cleaned email list. Make sure that emails must be in 1-column (You may add unlimited columns of other data).

  • How to use Clearalist email list cleaning application?

Its pretty simple to get your email list cleaned with Clearalist. Just obtain your plan, upload your email list and then the cleaned list will be given to your email. You can then download the cleaned list and can start sending emails to those emails.

  • How much time does it need?

The cleaning time depends upon the email list size. However in common, you will be able to download the clean list within 24 hours.

  • Why use Clearalist email list cleaning?

Clearalist email list cleaning system helps you to get more genuine business conversions by validating your email list. Sending emails to the addressee that are uncertain will adversely affect your email and website reputation. An extreme bounce rate can also lead to suspension of your email marketing accounts too. It is highly advised to clean your email list and remove bad emails to guarantee high inbox deliverability.

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