10 Best Email List Cleaning Software Services 2021



There is no denying that the most cost-effective and fastest way of reaching a targeted audience today is email marketing. And you are likely to profit more from your email list if it has a larger number of subscribers.

But a list size isn’t the only thing that matters. For your email marketing campaigns to produce successful results, the quality of your list is as significant as the size.

But what specifically does email list quality mean?

well, your email list should be validated and all the bad emails like suspended, invalids, blocked should be removed immediately, so that you can save your time without spending it on useless email addresses.

That’s not all, bulk email cleaning benefits in protecting the domain of your email server from being blacklisted and also, helps in improving the performance of your email marketing campaign.


So, how is it likely to get a clean list?

The solution is, by using bulk email cleaning services. The market is flooded with so many email cleaners, so you’ll need to select one that can best serve your necessities.


Why you need a bulk email cleaning service?

You need an email list of cleaning services or bulk email cleaners software to grow your businesses well. You must get rid of users who have not involved with your email program for the past 6 months or more.

Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to keep sending emails to dead email addresses. Suppose that, if you keep sending emails to unverified email addresses there are things that might occur.


Let me describe this process for you…

Have you ever heard about the bounce rate? Before showing its effects, let me quickly explain what it means. The bounce rate is the percentage of email addresses in your subscriber list that didn’t receive your message.

  • A high-rated bounce rate reduces your reputation.
  • Usually, it means that you’re a spammer because ISPs will treat you like that. I guess you don’t want it?
  • Moreover, if you don’t protect yourself from being high-rated, then your server probably be blocked!

That’s why you simply need email verification services!

This article will ease your job as here we are providing you 10 best bulk email cleaners software with their features and pricing.


1. Clearalist – Email List Cleaning Application

Clearalist Email Verification guarantees the most accurate result as they clean the entire list thoroughly. This service will reduce your bounce rate by removing all invalid, duplicate, incorrect & bad email addresses from your list.

This email scrubbing service validates the complete list via Message Transfer Agents(MTA) to check whether it has an MX-checker to track domains or not. Moreover, it also removes all spam records through Intelligent Spam-Trap Indicators. Clearalist comes with anti-greylisting technology that promises more accurate results by securing your list from spammers.

Clearalist Email List Cleaning Service

Notable Features:

Clearalist List Cleaning offers a wide range of excellent features that can help you keep a strong email list of subscribers.

  • Syntax Remover-  Ignore all your invalid email addresses as Clearalist Email verification removes all email addresses with any kind of invalid syntax.
  • Risk Validation- Further, Clearalist Email Verification runs scan against high-risk keyword and Top Level Domains(TLDs) hence, it keeps your email list secure and risk-free.
  • Complaints Eliminator- Any email addresses that match their complaint database are eliminated instantly.
  • Domain Clearance- Furthermore, Clearalist removes all email addresses including the inactive, invalid, or parked domains.
  • Round-the-clock Support- If you get stuck at any hour of the day, then don’t worry because they are available to help you with live chat support.


Clearalist provides free email verification credits. It will cost you $12.5 for cleaning 2,500 emails, $87.5 for cleaning 25,000, and $1,000 to clean the list of 1,000,000 emails. Moreover, a pricing page is given on the website by which the cost of email verification can be calculated easily.

On a personal level, if you would ask me, I found Clearalist Email Verification as the best email list cleaning software. The only reason is its accuracy and the pace with which you can clean your email list.

This service is available at such economical price plans that are starting at $12.5 for 2500 emails and going up to 1 million emails for $1,000.

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2. NeverBounce – Bulk Email Verification & List Cleaning Service

NeverBounce List Cleaning is one of the most reliable tools for cleaning and validating email lists for entrepreneurs. You can upload your email list, click on the clean button, and your list will be cleaned in a few minutes.

It’s the best solution to verify email with 99% accuracy. Easily integrate with your favorite platforms such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, Marketo, drip, iConnect, MailerLite, and more.

This email list cleaning service has got 9 exhaustive steps for filtration. These steps clearly focus on a syntax error, formatting of the email address, domain check, and spam trap, and more.


Notable Features:

Well, NeverBoune has excellent features that are most valued by first-time users seeking out email list cleaning services.

  • Email list cleaning – NeverBounce cleans all bad and inactive emails off your list to enhance your email marketing strategies. This email cleaning service will provide you deliverability of up to 99 percent, high subscriptions, and responses. The email list cleaning feature also searches for invalid, duplicate, and spam email addresses that can negatively affect your campaigns.
  • Bounce file comparison – Your email addresses will be matched against an email list of hard bounces and affected emails filtered out.
  • Detect and clean disposable emails – NeverBounce can also detect all temporary and junk email addresses used during sign-up.

In addition to these features, NeverBounce also has other integrations, including MailChimp, etc.


  • Set up process is easy, facilitated by detailed tutorials.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.


  • The cost is higher than other services.

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3. ZeroBounce – Verify And Validate Email Addresses

With a guaranteed accuracy of 98%, ZeroBounce is the premier email validation system. Committed to email bounce detection, spam trap, and email abuse detection, ZeroBounce has a few special features that differentiate it from its competitors.


Notable Features:

  • Email Validation – ZeroBounce can determine if an email address is good or bad.
  • Catch-All Domains – Some domains mask validity, meaning email addresses will always report as good, even when they’re bad. ZeroBounce’s proprietary technology uses algorithms to detect catch-all domains and identify which emails are unable to be validated (compared to other providers that unknowingly report bad emails as good)
  • Abuse Accounts – Not everyone is on board with the email marketing trend, even when they knowingly subscribe to your list. These users are notorious for marking messages as spam, which poses a high risk to brands building a healthy reputation. Unlike its competitors, ZeroBounce has compiled a list of known abusers (or complainers) to help companies reach the right audience while eliminating those who don’t want to be included.
  • Spam Traps – Based on internal research via a series of algorithms, ZeroBounce can detect email accounts that are connected with industry-wide blacklists, a huge inconvenience that can derail an entire campaign.
  • Do Not Mail Accounts – ZeroBounce detects role-based emails ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc.) as well as domains belonging to companies that shouldn’t be sent marketing messages.

Additional Features:

  • Free duplicate removal – ZeroBounce automatically removes duplicates and does not charge for them.
  • Data Appends – ZeroBounce can append basic information (First name, Last name, Gender, Location) to data when available.
  • IP Appends – ZeroBounce can append information about the IP address (country, state/region, city, and zip code of IP registration) used when the email was registered or opted-in for advertising.
  • Advanced data protection – ZeroBounce is one of the most secure email validation platforms. The company is using a top content delivery network, providing customers with several layers of defense against data breaches and cyberattacks. Furthermore, ZeroBounce uses military-grade encryption ciphers to protect customer’s files from the moment they sign up on the platform to the point when they download their clean email lists.

ZeroBounce A.I., the best catch-all email validator

This year, ZeroBounce added a new service on its platform: ZeroBounce A.I., an artificial intelligence-driven email scoring system. With its proprietary algorithm, ZeroBounce A.I. scans all email addresses in a list and returns a quality score for each.

The score varies from 0 to 10, giving users better insight into their email hygiene. ZeroBounce A.I. is remarkably good at validating catch-all emails and helps customers save valuable leads they would otherwise remove from their lists.

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4. XVerify – Email Verification & List Cleaning Service

XVerify has established itself as a clear leader in the email verification space. They are the only provider you can call and speak with email deliverability consult at any time. Considering they are located in the US and have over 7 years of experience in the space, you will not find a more trusted provider to verify your emails.

Xverify is CERTIFIED in the EU-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD FRAMEWORK and SWISS-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD FRAMEWORK. Xverify enables clients to request a Data Processing Addendum as part of their GDPR Compliance.


Notable Features:

Xverify is the most powerful tool in the marketplace for email marketers. They include:

  • Email verification and hygiene “All in One” – Xverify’s process will simultaneously identify hard bounces, high-risk emails, disposable emails, emails linked to online fraud, complainers, and numerous other threats.
  • Reporting – Xverify’s user interface allows for detailed reporting and analysis of your results.
  • ESP integration – It has integrations with nearly every major ESP.
  • Real-Time and Batch Processing – Xverify’s API can instantly validate emails, as soon as they are collected on web forms in real-time. There batch processing can verify email files ranging in size from 10 records to over 100 million records.
  • Security and Accuracy – Xverify offers the highest accuracy rates in the space at about 98%. They are also are the most secure and trusted source to send your data to.


It starts at under ½ of a cent for 50,00 verifications. Pricing goes down to under 1/10th of a cent for higher volumes.

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5. Email Checker – Capture Accurate Emails

Email Checker is an efficient list cleaning service that runs on a cloud-based infrastructure for storing & distributing the data via a secured network.

With DEA (Disposable Email Address Detection) functionality, the software detects the disposable or temporary emails present in your database and automatically informs you about the same. Thereby, protecting your domain authority.

Moreover, this scrubbing tool comes with a custom-built B2B cloud platform, real-time API with Yahoo (and Ymail) function that ensures lightning-fast verification. Hence, you can verify the email address instantly & right from the dashboard.


Notable Features:

Email Checker offers you a wide range of features that make it easy for you to keep a check on the email ids. The following mentioned are the best ones.

  • False Email Detection- This software provides an API system that helps in easily detecting whether the email address filled in the signup forms is real or not.
  • Domain Verification- It effortlessly checks that the email address contains a valid internet domain name. Further, it lets you know if the specified domain is configured to receive emails or not.
  • Check Syntax & Format- With this feature, you can make sure that the emails entered meets the pre-defined criteria such as ‘@’ symbol is necessary. If these protocols are not fulfilled, the email address will not be accepted.
  • Rectification Of Errors- There are cases when the email address contains some characters that are not valid like extra white spaces, ‘/’, etc. With the help of Email Checker API, you can automatically remove these additional characters.


On top of all this, an Email Checker offers cost-effective pricing plans. Based on the number of email credits you want to verify, you can select the pricing plans.

Starting from just $14 for 1,000 email verification credits, the plan moves on to $29 for 2,500 credits, $49 for 5,000 email credits, and so on. Gradually up to 2,500,000 credits, you will then need to contact their Sales team for discounted high volume pricing.

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6. QuickEmailVerification – Email Verification & Email List Cleaning Service

QuickEmailVerification, one of the leading service providers, helps you maintain a clean database by preventing incorrect or dead email addresses from entering into your database.

It can verify all the email addresses from your entire database. With the ability to verify bulk emails, it can verify thousands of emails within a few minutes. Besides, you can also utilize its API to verify, in real-time, individual addresses as each address enters your mailing list.

QuickEmailVerification’s technology, with an accuracy of over 95%, can classify addresses, based on whether the email address is a catch-all, a disposable address, role-based, and so on.


Notable Features:

QuickEmailVerification makes use of several top-notch features to achieve the goals.

  • Real-time verification – This is supported if you integrate their REST API into your site.
  • Multiple email verification methods – This tool uses more than one email validation method, including IETF validation standards, RFC syntax, SMTP testing, DNS entry checking among others.
  • Bulk email verification – If you have a huge list of emails, QuickEmailVerification can successfully perform verification of all the email addresses within minutes.
  • Simplified verification – The verification process has been made simpler by the drag and drops feature. You can drag your email list and drop it on the validation window. Alternatively, you can upload using a CSV file.

The pricing plans of QuickEmailVerification are quite flexible. This email list validation service allows you to validate 100 emails every day for free. You are also provided with a one-time verification service as well as monthly subscription plans.

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7. MyEmailVerifierBulk Email Verifier & Email List Cleaning

MyEmailVerifier is a leading bulk email Verifier service with an over 96% deliverability guarantee. MyEmailVerifier’s email cleaning process eliminates almost 100% of spam, junk, and invalid email addresses. Its mission is to boost your leads, make sure that your emails are delivered in your inbox, and help you focus on generating new business.

MyEmailVerifier’s email address validation service provides a real-time verification API for businesses that rely heavily on email marketing. MyEmailVerifier boosts conversions by improving email deliverability to the inbox.

Their user-friendly interface is making a difference when it comes to cleaning an email list. In a nutshell, MyEmailVerifier is an email validation tool that suits companies of every size when it comes to sustainability and affordable pricing.


Notable Features:

  • Syntax Verifier – MyEmailVerifier checks each email address syntactically with IETF standards. Once a syntax error is found, Our system removes the invalid email address from your mailing list instantly.
  • Domain/MX record checker – MyEmailVerifier can also identify domains that are invalid, inactive, or parked, and then remove such emails from your list accordingly. Our system also detects If an email address doesn’t have a valid mail exchanger.
  • Catch-All Detector – When the system detects an Email address that receives all mail addressed to an incorrect or non-existing address for a domain, the system marks it as a catch-all.
  • Temporary Unavailability Detector  Owing to the deep-level SMTP verification MyEmailVerifier performs on each and every email address, we detect temporary unavailability with ease. Such email addresses are excluded from receiving emails until they’re available.
  • Role Account Detector  MyEmailVerifier detected role-based email addresses that are not associated with a person but an organization, group, business, brand, etc. Such email addresses are excluded from receiving emails because they affect the deliverability rate.
  • Improved Yahoo Emails Validation  MyEmailVerifier has improved validation for yahoo email addresses. We also validate business email using yahoo as an email service.
  • Free Domain Checker  The quick detection of the free domain (e.g. gmail.com,yahoo.com) in real-time.
  • Detailed SMTP Response  Complete response from the SMTP server with the exact reason for the rejection and diagnostic details. The detailed SMTP response shows the exact reason of the invalid status of the email address.
  • High-Performance Real-time API – Verify your email address before it reaches your email list with faster and integrates API with instant validation.
  • Greylist Domain Detection  Reduce the deliverability issues with new anti-greylisting technology identify the greylisting enabled domains and reduce the repeated SMTP connection requests.
  • Lowest Turnaround Time –  Our faster processing capability ensures that you get the email list validated within the lowest turnaround time.
  • Accuracy –  96% deliverability guarantee.
  • Turnaround time – Process time 1000 email addresses under 15 minutes.
  • Free trial – The first 100 credits are free; Signup and enjoy credits. Plus, they offer more credits.
  • Real-time verification through API: Yes
  • Formats accepted for Email list: TXT and CSV
  • Customized / scalable services: Yes
  • Format available for downloaded results: XLSX with separate sheets.
  • Email duplication removal: Yes
  • Privacy Policy / Data Protection Policy: Privacy Policy is documented on the website and data handling is completely safe within the content.
  • High-risk email detection: Yes, it displays with unknown status.

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8. Debounce – Fast & Accurate Email Validation and Email Verification Tool

DeBounce lets you enhance your email marketing campaigns by building an email list of valid email addresses only. You simply have to upload your email list and get it verified right away.

For email list validations, DeBounce uses an ESP integration as well as Batch Verification and Real-Time APIs. While verifying your email list, you simply need to choose an integration to use. DeBounce seems quite simple and is less intricate.


Notable Features:

This email validation tool offers a couple of services or features that any email marketer or an ESP will find very useful. These include:

  • Email validation – Have all the bad emails identified and eliminated from your list so you can have a clean email list to give desirable results. They support bulk verification too.
  • Email list cleaning – All email addresses that are non-existent, temporary, undeliverable among other undesirable traits are erased off your list to give you a clean email list.
  • List quality reporting – DeBounce allows you to see the deliverable, undeliverable and engaged email addresses on a list before purchasing it. Every email list that is imported into the validation tool gets verified and is awarded a score to describe its quality.
  • ESP integration – You can use one of the supported integrations to link your account, view the List Quality report, and verify your email list.
  • Real-Time verification APIs – DeBounce makes it possible to verify the email addresses on your list in real-time using the Real-Time verification API. Alternatively, you can make use of the Batch API to fully verify your list.

In addition to these features, DeBounce has a pricing plan that is based on the size of your list. You can easily upload your list and determine the verification cost from their site. This is available as a one-time verification service.

If you have a bulk email list, DeBounce also provides flexible token packages so that you can verify any email addresses. Check out their detailed pricing plans on their website.

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9. Snovio – Email Validation & List Cleaning Service

Snovio is one of the top email verification services. This tool aims at separating poor-quality email addresses from the high-quality ones in your email marketing list.

Snovio helps most entrepreneurs solve one of the biggest challenges in email marketing: the maintenance of lists. By simply uploading your email list, Snovio will do the work of identifying the undeliverable, deliverable, unknown, or risky addresses.


Notable Features:

Snovio has plenty of top features that make the tool stand out from the other tools available in the market.

  • Snovio Sendex– This will rate each email on your list to show you its quality.
  • Recipient Authentication – This does the purpose of verifying that the emails provided by your subscribers are indeed owned by them.
  • Multiple Integration – Snovio works well with many email marketing services as well as sales tools, including Campaign Monitor and Drip among others.
  • Automatic Email Validation – the tool automatically validates your email addresses after creating a list.
  • Easy To Use – Their platform is user-friendly and intuitive.


However, Snovio pricing plans are available yearly as well as on a monthly basis. For instance, Snovio charges $39 for validation of 2000 emails, $69 for validation of 10,000 emails, $129 for validation of 40,000 emails and $199 for 100,000 emails validation. For more pricing details, check out the pricing page.

Though Snovio promises email deliverability of up to 95 percent, their tool seems to offer few features. Additionally, their pricing is quite higher than those of other email list cleaning services. 

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10. Hunter – Email List Cleaning Tool

Hunter is among a few email list cleaning service providers with wide global coverage, as they are operational in the United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Netherlands, and Singapore.

Apart from having wide geographical coverage, it offers more than just email verification services. Other product packages offered include data matching, phone verification, address verification, and data enrichment.

Hunter Email Verifier-Clearalist

Notable Features:

Hunter helps you connect your subscribers more effectively through the features or services offered. The following are the features or services offered:

  • Address verification – this is a somewhat rare feature of Hunter that is absent in other email list cleaning services. Through the address cleansing app and verification app, you can keep the address information of your subscribers updated to reduce the costs of mailing and return packages.
  • Email verification – this will help you maintain an accurate and valid email list, thus reducing bounce rates in your business.
  • Phone verification – this is another unique feature that most other providers do not have. This simply helps you increase the list of valuable phone contacts to facilitate mobile marketing through SMS and other mobile campaigns.
  • Data matching – you can use this feature to determine the hidden links that exist within the records of your customers, so you can eliminate duplicates and unneeded data.
  • Data enrichment – this will help you gain a better understanding of your targeted customers to offer customized messages and experiences.

Hunter seems to be the only email verification service provider with additional services beyond the conventional ones. 

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The above-mentioned email list cleaning service providers have different features and services that distinguish them from their competitors. Most of the services offered mainly to meet the standard email marketing solutions, but one provider may vary from another in terms of pricing plans.

However, it’s up to you to make a choice on the services that best meet your email marketing campaign needs and your budget.


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