How do I validate a list of email addresses using Clearalist?

To begin with our email list cleaner, you will first require to create a free account on Clearalist. You do not require to input any credit card details to do so. You can easily sign up by your email address. Once you logged into the Clearalist app dashboard you can start using the email list verification service.


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Test by importing a list to our email list cleaner

Once an account has been generated, you can easily upload a list of emails. You can easily analyze your email list data and we will give you an entire report of bad emails, spam emails, and also the percentage of hard bounces and all this analysis will be completely free. After analyzing your list you just need to click on the Clean email list button on the right side of the page, then your email list will begin to clean.

Make sure your file is a CSV formatted file with the email addresses in a single column. You can have other data on the list, as long as all email addresses are in a single column. Any list that is uploaded will be attached to your account dashboard through which you can easily download the clean email list. Moreover, you can delete that list too after the use if you want.

Viewing Imported Mailing Lists

Once imported, your list will begin analyzing immediately and you will view a Report Card for each list. Once the analysis is finished, the Report Card will present the Overall List Score for that email list. The Overall List Summary is an aggregate score of all the email addresses in your list. You’ll be ready to flip the Report Card for a grade breakdown, including the percentage emails that fall into any grade category on your list. Our Email list verification service will check your email lists and give you the best results which boosts your email marketing strategy to the utmost level.