Best Email Marketing Tips for the New Marketer

Email marketing still strikes social with a massive 125% median average ROI. Add to that the CTRs of 3.5% compared to Facebook’s uninspiring 0.08% and it is transparent to see why email marketing is still winning interest from marketers around the globe.

Interactive Email Marketing Tips

Among the top five of the latest trends for an email in 2021 remains interactive email. There are many various ways you can include interactivity into your emails, some more complex than others. Below are four simple tips for the new marketer on how to make interactive emails.

Email Marketing Tips For New Marketers - Clearalist


1. Impress Them With GIFs

Video emails have a 95% longer CTR than non-video emails. However, video email isn’t carried by every email service provider. GIFs present a great way to make emails interactive with moving content. They lead products to life in a more interesting way than simple images, and it is a comparatively easy process to insert them. Practicing GIFs in your emails enables you to display distinct elements of products or display different items in a smaller space.

GIFs can be built with various types of software, but the one you’re likely to be most familiar with is Adobe Photoshop. This can be used to build frame-by-frame animations or, alternately, 3-5 second clips from the video.

Step-by-step directions for Adobe GIFs can be obtained on many blogs and substitute software alternatives, such as GIF Animator by Windows, GIF Brewery for Mac, or GIF Maker from Giphy. All have easy to understand instructions to reach you through the process of creating GIFs that will help you design more interactive emails.


2. Apply Meaningful Emojis

The use of emojis in email marketing messages rose by a mountainous 775% between 2019 and 2021. An Experian report finds that 60% of brands using emojis in email subject lines had huge unique open rates.

There are some different options you can include when using emojis in interactive emails. Graphic-based email emotions on what the receiver of your email thought is more likely to accumulate a response than a simple ‘Were this email relevant to you?’ inquiry at the bottom of an email with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer choices.

The extra tactic and one best interactive email marketing tip is that there are some of the bigger brands are doing, is to have emojis individually designed for their campaign so they can be used in both email plus messenger app communications. Many apps are available for creating your personal emojis, so you can make them particular to your interactive email campaign or brand.


3. Integrate Hover Effects

Hover effects are great for highlighting text and giving exceptional treatment to CTA buttons or adding interest to images. They can also be practiced to add motion effects for highlighting unique offers, discounts, or other CTAs. Simply providing a second view of the same product or changing the color of links with rollover effects will resonate with the user and improve your CTRs.

Look online for an instructional post explaining precisely how to add a class of hover effects to your emails, and note which effects are carried by which email providers.


4. Connect With a Wider Audience

This is probably one of the simplest techniques for making your emails interactive. All you’re doing is drawing email subscribers to connect via social platforms and/or inviting them to share your news including offers with their social networks.

Putting social media icons anywhere in your email content is an easy task. Sources like this provide important tips and tricks for strengthening this connection, as well as the most attractive graphics to use for social icons.

Utilizes for social media interactivity scale from the more subtle to clear. Whichever you decided should depend on your interactive email campaign objective and patron base preferences.

The four ways for interactive emails listed above will grasp you ahead of the email marketing game in 2021 without the need for highly specialized knowledge or expertise. Before you perform these, though, remember to validate email addresses on your subscriber list to ensure your interactive emails are actually reaching their aimed audience by using Clearalist Email List Cleaning Software. Later, whether or not you use one or all of these interactive methods, you are sure to develop an interest in your email marketing campaigns.


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