Increase Sales with Birthday Emails

Increase Sales with Birthday Emails

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Email marketing is so powerful because it enables businesses to develop genuine relationships with customers. This can result in a loyal audience of individuals who’ll be more likely to regularly pay for a company’s products or services.

Therefore, it helps to think about your email list subscribers as people with whom you have real relationships. For instance, if you knew it was a friend or family member’s birthday, you’d get in touch with them.

Doing the same for your clients with happy birthday templates is a simple way to boost both brand loyalty and sales. You just need to adhere to certain best methods to make sure this relationship marketing strategy is as useful as possible. If you’re considering including birthday emails in your campaign, keep the subsequent points in mind to guarantee the best outcomes.

Automate the Happy Birthday Emails

You don’t certainly have the time or means to send birthday emails to each customer on your subscriber list yourself. Hence you should automate the birthday marketing method. Successful email marketing services like Mailchimp make doing so easy. All you have to do is ask users to input their birthday when they originally sign up for your email list.

Make it Worthy for Better Customer Retention

A birthday email will make a subscriber feel like you understand their patronage on a personal level. That said, simply conveying a message that says “Happy Birthday” may not be the most reliable way to use this relationship marketing strategy.

Surveys indicate that 90% of customers favor brands that offer loyalty programs. Including a discount or similar promotional proposal to reward a loyal customer on their birthday will help you make a good hypothesis and increase customer retention.

Don’t Send Just One Birthday Email

According to one report, the open rate for a happy birthday email is 50%. That’s a lot more beneficial than 20%, the average open rate for all marketing emails.

That said, there are steps you can take to more boost the open rate. Estimate sending multiple messages that each serve a standardized happy birthday template, one before a follower’s birthday, one on an exact day, and a birthday email that reminds them to take account of their benefit a few days later.

After all, a member may be getting various emails on their birthday. It’s easy for them to overlook yours. Granting more than one boosts the odds of them opening the message, and using a happy birthday template can decrease the amount of work required to create each of these.

Collect Birthday Information from Current Email Subscribers

You may now have a strong email list. Sadly, your old sign-up form may not have asked users to input their birthdays up until now.

That doesn’t imply you can’t engage them with a relationship marketing strategy that pays them with happy birthday emails. Simply segment your list into subscribers whose birthday info you have and those you don’t. Then, transfer the latter group an email that asks them to let you know their birthdays so they can get a reward each year. Make certain to clean your email list to evade bounce backs. You might think to make this birthday marketing tactic more enticing by providing a reward just for providing the info.

Append a Personal Touch to Your Birthday Emails Marketing

Master to think from a subscriber’s perspective when designing your happy birthday email template. While you need the design to be in line with that of your overall marked content, you also want to guarantee it suits more to the style of a birthday card. Employ warm, friendly colors and images. Examine using fonts that resemble handwriting. Let your subscribers know you truly understand them and want to celebrate them. In this method, you can get the most out of the customer retention benefits this type of relationship marketing offers.

Moreover, email marketing runs because it lets you link to customers on a personal level. Giving a happy birthday email is a simple and effective way to make them seem like your brand truly appreciates their business. These suggestions will help you gain the best outcomes.


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