5 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is yet one of the most powerful means of reaching customers. Much of this is due to the huge volume of emails internet users send and receive daily, an average of 120 emails per day for an office worker.

Though, some email campaigns are more effective than others. If you need to design a strong email marketing strategy in 2021, set the following email marketing best practices in mind.

Email Marketing Best Practices-Clearalist


1. Make Your Emails Interactive

The content of your emails should have an equivalent impact on users as the content of your website. This involves sending more interactive emails. The quality of this feature will vary depending on your business, but the general goal is to increase engagement by giving your customers something to do when they start your email.

For instance, a retailer can send their clients an email with images of several new products they’re starting. Instead of simply presenting multiple images for each product, they could add a slideshow. When customers click on the slideshow, the picture adjusts to show a new product. This method accomplishes the same goal, with the combined benefit of boosting user action.


2. Cultivate Effective Subject Lines

Nearly 65% of people determine whether they’ll open an email based on the subject line. This is a vital element of any email marketing campaign.

The essence of your business will influence what type of subject line attracts customers. The features of a subject line that works for a bar geared to Millennials apparently won’t be as effective for an apparel company targeting senior residents.

For instance, there are some common ways you can enhance your subject lines:

  • Utilize emotionally exciting words (e.g. “It’s Open!” or “4 Hours only!”)
  • Add emoticons and/or symbols
  • Request your customers a question, or simply tease the content of the email

Your aim is to analyze what your customers need, and how you can make it clear to them that by initiating your email, they’ll get it.


3. Verify Your Emails

What’s the purpose of an email marketing strategy if your emails don’t reach the people they’re meant for? Invalid emails not only harm your marketing campaign’s effectiveness but also create a risk to your sender’s reputation. Whenever an email doesn’t reach the inbox of a receiver, it negatively harms your reputation with your email service provider, and can even drive to you being locked out from their platform.

Use an email cleaning tool to validate the emails on your list and ensure they reach inboxes. You can try our free email verifier tool to test likely addresses one at a time. This will assure that your email marketing campaign is the most powerful it can be, while also avoiding the risk of harming your sender’s reputation.


4. Add a Call to Action

Your emails need to do more than just remind customers that you exist. In every email you send, add at least one call to action. You can request customers to purchase a product, show them to your website to learn more about a generous offer, ask them to share a part of the content on social media, etc.

Don’t think the small presence of a call to action is sufficient, though. The copy prefacing it will determine whether users take the action you’re promoting. Encourage customers without providing too much information. The use of color or bolded fonts will also improve to guarantee a CTA stands out.


5. Hold to Your Brand

Customers don’t want universal emails that feel like they were automatically created and mass distributed. Your copy should be dynamic, special, and real.

And importantly, it should match your brand. If your company tries to portray itself as fun, for example, use exclamation marks, do enthusiastic remarks, and pick words that align with that essence. If your brand is more serious and expert, make sure the copy and aesthetic have a more formal, technical tone.

Email marketing best method that can connect to any kind of business. The most significant factors include making people open the email then take action, curating appealing and interactive content, staying on-brand, and verifying emails so people get them.


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